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My Clients have a blast!

I'm Bob Baran. A composer, performer, producer and owner of Sound Painter, a Helena, Montana area recording studio .

I brought professional format audio recording to Montana in 1984 (2" 16 trk, big Neotek console, etc) with my first Helena, Montana recording
studio "Sounds on 5th Avenue".

I actually launched my first studio in Bloomington, IN back in 1979. I was a Jazz Major at the Indiana University School of Music and opened my first studio: "Skyline Studios" and in 1981 I purchased "Ribbon Rail" a well known Bloomington studio.

The same outfit that designed Jimi Hendrix's "Electric Ladyland" also designed my recording studio "Ribbon Rail"...

I ushered in the "modern" recording scene in Montana and raised the bar as I was the first to adopt every major professional audio format change - from pro-level 2" tape through (2 tk digital and adat too) to purchasing the first full blown Pro Tools TDM system in Helena and in Montana way back in January, 1995.

I currently use Avid Pro Tools 9 with an all Apogee front-end. I still have a functioning 96 channel transformerless console the SSL G SERIES was modeled after... Oh, yeah I got serious stuff.

Being the first recording studio in Helena, Montana and the Pacific Northwest region to employ a full blown Pro-Tools TDM system gave me a big head-start understanding what is necessary to create an awesome world-class digital recording.

The "room" is everything!

"Sound Painter's" crown jewel is it's unique 1200 sq. ft. dedicated acoustic recording space - rivaling any world-class studio in the world with a 16 foot high ceiling and beautiful oak floor.

Plus several multi-tracking rooms! Imagine a 17' x 20' "drum room" - Yeah, I've got that and more... Can you imagine the sound of a guitar amp mic'd in a 1200 sq ft room?

Or a live recording session with 30 or 40 of your friends having the experience of a lifetime - along with you...?

Yeah, we can do that here!

You can't fake a great recording space. And, a great sound has to be designed from the ground-up. So I took the plunge and moved into a stunning world-class 4,200 square foot dedicated production facility in 2001.

Designed by Architect Susan Bjerke and me. This "built from the ground up" high-end audio and video production facility was the first dedicated audio/video recording and production facility ever built in the Helena, area or in the state of Montana for that matter.

Located near Canyon Ferry Lake, with a spectacular view of the Elkhorn Mountain Range - the new studio was christened "Sound Painter" and embraced 192k 24 bit audio capability as far back as 2002.

Full high-end mastering capability was achieved in 2004 and led to the creation of the proprietary "Sound Painter Deep Image Mastering" process - which contributed to my last solo Piano album: "Escape Music® A New Dawn" that made it to four categories on the Grammy Ballot in 2006 - and reached #10 on the Billboard New Age Catalog Chart in August, 2009.

Sure I've got a lot of out of state clients. And, if you ask me my hourly rate I'll tell you it's the highest in the state (if it's not I'll raise it! HA!...) The "secret" is I love working with local Montana artists who are serious about having a fantastic "experience of a lifetime".

So I'm always ready to make a "special project" deal!

If your serious about your music - Bob Baran (whoops there goes that third person thing) and Sound Painter Recording Studios will deliver an extraordinary recording experience and pristine sound quality.

Sound Painter's acoustic space has been meticulously tuned

To enable the finest natural sound of acoustic instruments and voices - individually or in ensembles - to be captured in a pristine recording with astonishing 3D holographic "you are there" sound. Possible only in a large controlled acoustic space.

In 2006 Bob Baran (me - okay I know) was nominated and elected to the prestigious "Engineer and Producer's Wing" of the Recording Academy (Grammys) and is the first engineer/producer working in Montana to have achieved this national recognition - because of my extensive contributions and credentials on the over 300 albums he's engineered and produced for Clients all over the United States since opening my first recording studio: "Skyline Studios" in Bloomington, Indiana in 1979.

Launching a record label Gathering Wave LLC in 2004 - with my former partner, Gathering Wave ® has successfully produced and distributed 7 albums of Bob's (my) music.

Bob Baran is also a highly respected consultant on the realities of the music business in the 21st century - and sought after for his expertise and real-world experience in the music business.

Want to know how to sell (all paid for up front!) 2,000 or more cds the first day of release? I DID IT...! And, I can show you how to do it.

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Listen to the "Sound Painter Mastering Process" used on "Escape Music™ A New Dawn"
(this CD went to the Grammys in 4 categories and reached #10
on the Billboard New Age Catalog Chart in August 2009! )

On a lighter note: Here's a video of "When Love Comes Again" from my new web site Our Special hope you enjoy! click here 

Sound Painter Deep Image High Definition Mastering Sound Painter Mastering

By Bob Baran:

If you're like most people, you listen to your music through a "boom-box" at low volume, on a computer, in a car or through an iPod with headphones.

It was up to me to use whatever technology was available in order to make the piano on “Escape Music® A New Dawn” sound great on anything.

I have evolved a step by step process which allowed the big clear warm liquid piano sound, to flow from the small speakers in an under fifty-dollar boom box as well as achieve the visceral impact of a piano only a megabuck high-end stereo system was capable of. I named that process: Sound Painter Deep Image High Definition Mastering ...more

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